Picture your brand shiny new show

It’s hard to realize the vision of a new show, especially when you’re trying to make it shine on a budget that does not.

So, build up your fan base and put the right building blocks in place for long-term success. We’re talking launch show discounts, 3 year deals and the like to build loyalty and support from all your stakeholders.

Get those things in place now, and make sure your launch really takes off.

Moving a show to a new venue isn’t easy

It’s like moving house… you pack up your things, but have to make sure they look like home in your new place. So, it’s not just a case of pulling out your old orders, dusting off last year’s traffic and front of house plans and, hey presto you’ve got a show.

Oh no. You’ve got to start from scratch. And, moving a show to a brand new venue is even harder… especially when the majority of your exhibits are caravans, motorhomes and statics, as we learnt on the International Caravan and Motorhome Show. So, how did we cope? It was all about team working. Cliché? Yes.

But it paid off.

We worked together with the general and event manager to advise and develop the venue addressing both the needs of an organiser and ensure its long-term business viability for the owners. In doing so, we took all areas into consideration, including: access, flow, facilities, amenities, services, weight loading, rigging, traffic management, emergency procedures, and so on.

Make the house a home

We couldn’t just meet the standard of our previous event. We had to surpass it to reward the exhibitors’ and visitors’ support over the venue change. We succeeded. How? Well, for exhibitors we offered special deals with the venue, discounts on catering and improved electrical costs, better access and improved facilities. And for our visitors it was as simple as being able to offer free parking, increased catering and free WIFI. Word of mouse is a powerful thing, apparently.

Plan the unexpected

Visitors don’t always behave in the way you’d expect them to. So, be prepared: consider placing additional signage or people to assist the visitor flow. Or, perhaps you find yourself in the (fortunate) position that your car park is full because visitor numbers are up 50% up year on year on your first day (the sort of problem we’d all like to have). Make sure you keep communication lines open to tackle such problems.

Get a good team in place

At the end of the day, it’s about building the right team around you. That way, whatever madness is thrown your way, you can ensure that you have the right skillset and knowledge to deal with anything calmly and professionally. Oh, and an ounce of good humour always helps.

Know what you’re looking for

By definition trade shows are for exhibitors that know their industry stuff inside out and visitors that come to buy or get that knowledge, product, or service.

So, if you are an exhibitor, venue or organiser W&M can find you a way of navigating everything you have to consider to help you make your investment in marketing, space rental, stand design & construction etc, achieve your objective. We have the means to create the highest quality show that will allow exhibitors find the right customers to grow their businesses; and make it an economical way for exhibitors to make sales and connect the right show to the right industry.

Whoever you are, W&M’s recipe for success is in

  • planning, planning and more planning!
  • attracting the right kind of exhibitors with high-quality attendees who are the lifeblood of any successful trade show; and
  • as a very wise show director once said, ‘Spend money on what visitors and exhibitors can see, what enhances their experience and what keeps them safe. Everything after that, well let’s see what we can do…’

In a consumer show you’ve got an added dimension to consider in your planning ….

The general public!

And as they say, there’s nowt as queer as folk. At W&M we find people fascinating! Which way are they going to go? what are they going to need? and most of all what’s going to make them happy and keep them in the hall!

Well, we’ve had many years of dealing with the general public, from petrol heads to antiqueers, caravaners to luxury travellers …

We enjoy dealing with people and their individual needs, after all they’re the customers that keep the show alive!

Features are what make your show special, they are the key to delivering your brand from fine dining restaurants with some of the top chefs in the world to small tastings pods (we do like our food at W&M!). From crime houses to military equipment demos and interactive theatres to your everyday seminar theatre.

We’ve built it, programmed it and even spoken (amazing what you can pick after so many years in events!)

With conferences you’re often dealing with short lead times, short build times, changing programmes, new venues. At W&M we believe planning ahead of time allows you to react quickly and effectively to anything you have to deal with onsite… Even redoing speaker power points when they’ve ‘corrupted’.