From conception to delivery every aspect of your event requires meticulous planning attention and care. We apply our extensive experience, processes and knowledge of events to help you plan the best event possible.

From 1p to £1 million every penny counts. W&M tight budget control ensures that your money is spent wisely. Our negotiation service isn’t just about getting the best price, it’s about getting the best service for what you can afford, so that the visitor and exhibitor experience is the best you can provide to keep them coming back.

A happy team is a hardworking team. W&M strongly beleives that building the right relationships with all those involved in the event is essential to the smooth running of the project. With us on board your event, when things go wrong (and lets face it, in live events things do go wrong!) you want to know that you have a team around you that shares your vision and is as passionate about your show as you are.

Your brand is what stands you apart from the competition. Translating the vision from your head to a live event is never easy, making the vision flow through collateral to onsite is a speciality of ours (we have even been known to dress in show colours on open today… living the brand!) We’ve done features from restuarants to crime houses, theatres to site visits… Its all part of what makes W&M live events special!

We believe health and safety isn’t about saying NO, it’s about finding a way to carry on without putting anyone at risk. It’s about working together to ensure the safety of everyone involved in your event, it’s about common sense!

With a raft of qualifications, Ways & Means is a safe, experienced, qualified and knowledgeable pair of hands.

Onsite is where it is at, where every detail you have spent so long planning and dreaming of comes alive. Its where you need W&M to ensure that all the details are taken care of so you can sit back and enjoy what you have worked so hard to create.

It’s not in our nature to sit back on our laurels, we thrive on continually improving, developing and growing anything we are involved in!

W&M has experience in assessing events that are failing to achieve their objectives. We create and implement the required action plan during or post event allowing a new refreshed event to be born.